A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.
— Napoleon Hill

The airwaves have a new face coming for pop stardom. 

His dapper style will bring you back in time, but his music, which he’s dubbed as Luxury Pop, adds a new pulse to game, blending pop, soul R&B, funk and EDM.

He’s a life-long creative whose background in music stretches back to his younger days. Even before he knew exactly what kind of music and style he wanted to embody, he never doubted that he was cut out for for this.

Since he first started in music more than a decade ago, he’s experimented with just about every genre, but through mentorship was able to develop his own sound. His singing, however, is only a fraction of his musicianship. Striving to be involved in every aspect of his music, he also song writes, produces and plays instruments.



For the past year, he’s been clocking in the hours at the studio with one of his main engineers and co-producer, Shy Boogs. Three of their collaborations, “Lay Ya,” “Throwback” and “Love in My Veins” are out now

He’s not new when it comes to live performances either, and spent part of his summer tearing down a few stages and performing in front of thousands. His first stop was in Colorado Springs, where he opened up for MAX, Logan Henderson, RedOne and Kent Jones at City Summer Fest. He then headed to Alabama, where they welcomed him with a lot of love and support as he headlined 104.3 WZYP Stars and Stripes 4th of July outdoor concert. He wrapped up the summer with a bang when he opened up for Nelly at 4th Street Live and contributed to breaking the record for venue ticket sales.

This is just the beginning.

Ladies and gentleman, we proudly introduce to you Miles Arnell.